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    New Jersey punishes drug-related crimes harshly whether the crime alleged involves the illegal possession, sale, distribution or manufacture of an illegal drug or even a legal drug obtained or used illegally.  At Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, our skilled drug crime defense lawyers know that the stakes are high when you have been accused of committing a drug crime in Burlington County or elsewhere in New Jersey. Even a relatively minor drug-related offense can have far-ranging effects on your life, making it difficult to secure employment or even housing.  Depending upon the crime alleged, your long-term physical freedom could even be at stake. 

    Our lawyers are tenacious in their fight to protect the rights of clients who have been accused of drug crimes.  One of our lawyers even has substantial experience working as a prosecutor in the Burlington County courts, so we know what to expect—and we know that the New Jersey courts are serious about drug crime allegations.  If you or a loved one have been accused of committing a drug crime, call or contact our lawyers today so that we can go to work defending your rights as soon as possible.

    New Jersey Enforces a Wide Range of Drug Crimes

    Under New Jersey law, the penalties and potential consequences for a conviction for drug-related crimes can vary dramatically depending upon a number of factors, including what the defendant was accused of doing with the drugs involved.  Various drug crimes in New Jersey include:

    • Simple possession of marijuana
    • Possession of drug-related paraphernalia
    • Possession of controlled substances, including cocaine, heroin, meth or other drugs
    • Prescription drug forgery crimes
    • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
    • Pharmacy theft
    • Conspiracy to distribute drugs
    • Distribution of illegal drugs
    • Distribution of marijuana
    • Manufacture or growth of illegal drugs
    • Importation of illegal drugs

    Results-Driven Drug Crime Lawyers Help Clients Navigate the Entire Criminal Justice Process in Marlton, NJ

    At Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, our skilled drug crime defense lawyers have the substantial experience necessary to help our clients navigate the entire criminal justice process in New Jersey.  In many cases, our clients who have been accused of committing a drug crime have very little idea as to what they can expect, and we believe in keeping our clients fully informed both as to what they can expect as their case progresses and options that become available throughout the case.  As a general overview, most clients accused of drug crimes should face:

    • First appearance and bail hearing.  After being arrested for a drug crime or receiving an order to appear before a judge, a hearing known as a bail hearing or first appearance will be scheduled.  At this stage, our skilled lawyers will advocate for your right to bail and for the lowest available bail amount.
    • Pre-trial negotiations.  Our experienced criminal defense lawyers will evaluate all of the prosecution’s evidence against you to determine whether to argue for a reduced charge or to have the charge dropped if the evidence is insufficient.  Plea negotiations may also take place during this timeframe if appropriate in your case.
    • Evaluation for Substance Abuse.  The court may order you to submit to a substance abuse evaluation where you will be tested for drug use and also discuss your history of drug use if applicable.  In some cases, a drug treatment program will be required.
    • Indictment.  In cases where we are unable to resolve your case during pre-trial negotiations, an indictment before a grand jury will take place.  You will then be arraigned on the charges, meaning that the judge will read the drug crime charges and the prosecution’s evidence will be presented.
    • Trial.  Although most cases resolve before trial, our experienced drug crimes lawyers are prepared to argue on your behalf before a judge and jury.  We fight to ensure that the prosecution is required to establish every required element of the crime alleged beyond a reasonable doubt and advocate aggressively for acquittal.

    While this outlines the general process involved in a drug crime case, New Jersey law presents opportunities for alternative resolution in certain cases.  Depending upon the specific facts of your case, our lawyers can help explain whether the pre-trial intervention program may be available in your case.

    Call Today to Schedule a Confidential Consultation with Our Seasoned Camden County Drug Crimes Lawyers

    Regardless of the specific drug crime alleged, it is important that you retain a skilled drug crimes lawyer if you have been arrested on drug crime charges or have learned that you are being investigated for committing a drug crime.  At Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, we have a reputation for getting results for our clients who are facing drug crime charges, so call or contact our offices to schedule a confidential consultation today.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Crime Cases in Gloucester County, NJ

    FAQ: Will I have to go to prison if I am convicted of committing a drug crime? 

    Drug crimes carry the possibility of significant prison time under New Jersey law, which will vary depending upon the specific drug crime involved.  Drug crimes prosecuted as first-degree offenses are punishable by 25 years to life in prison, while fourth-degree drug crimes can be punished with between six and 18 months in prison.  In addition to possible jail time, significant financial penalties may apply—ranging to upwards of $500,000 in very serious first-degree cases. Because of these substantial penalties, it is critical to retain the counsel of an experienced drug crimes lawyer who can explain the specific consequences that may apply in your case.

    FAQ: What are some of the defenses that may be available in a drug crimes case? 

    Although the specific facts of the case will dictate available defense strategies, some common defenses include violations of your constitutional rights during the arrest or interrogation process, failure to read your Miranda rights, insufficient evidence to support the charge alleged, flaws in the lineup process, or failures in the drug testing process.  Our lawyers have the substantial experience necessary to build the strongest possible defense in your case.


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