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    Employment discrimination cases can be particularly complex because, in most cases, the employer rarely takes obvious and blatant action that amounts to clearly actionable discrimination.  Instead, in this day and age, employment discrimination tends to happen subtly over time and claims for employment discrimination are often based on circumstantial evidence that may be subject to interpretation.  Because of this, the guidance of an experienced employment discrimination lawyer is particularly important in establishing your right to compensation after you have been subject to discrimination in the workplace.

    At Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, we have over five decades’ worth of collective experience successfully helping victims of employment discrimination stop workplace discrimination and recover the financial compensation they need to attempt to make up for past discrimination.  Employment discrimination can derail your career significantly, both with respect to current opportunities and your future success. Our dedicated employment discrimination lawyers are here to help you stop the discrimination and get your career back on track. 

    Establishing an Employment Discrimination Claim in New Jersey

    To proceed with a claim for employment discrimination under federal law, it is first necessary to file a claim with the equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC) within 180 days of the discrimination that occurred.  In most cases, this claim will be filed after you have already exhausted the employer’s procedures for reporting discrimination, in cases where the employer fails to take adequate steps to remedy past discrimination or prevent ongoing discrimination from occurring.  The claim must include:

    • Basic information about the employer
    • The number of employees employed by the employer
    • A description of the employment discrimination that occurred
    • Details such as dates and times when the discrimination occurred

    In order for the employment discrimination to be actionable, you must also show that you were discriminated against as a member of a protected class, meaning that you were discriminated against based on:

    • Age
    • Sex
    • Gender identity
    • Race
    • Ethnicity
    • National origin
    • Religion
    • Pregnancy
    • Whistleblower status
    • Sexual orientation
    • Veteran status
    • Disability

    Employment Discrimination in Mount Laurel Comes in Many Forms

    Employment discrimination can occur in any number of ways but essentially occurs when your career is harmed in some way because of your membership in a protected class.  Some common examples of employment discrimination include:

    • Being passed over for a promotion even though you are qualified, simply because of your membership in a protected class,
    • Wrongful termination because of your membership in a protected class,
    • Harassment based on age, race, sex or gender identity,
    • Being forced to take on tasks that are not in your job description, especially when others who are not members of a protected class and hold the same job title are not required to complete those tasks,
    • Demotion in your job position,
    • Being underpaid compared to others who hold the same job title,
    • Denial of reasonable accommodations to allow you to work with a disability.

    Dedicated Employment Discrimination Lawyers at Attorneys Hartman, Chartered Fight for Maximum Compensation for Victims of Discrimination in Marlton, NJ

    At Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, we know how pervasive and destructive the effects of employment discrimination can be.  We have dedicated our practice to helping victims of employment discrimination recover the compensation that they need to make them whole again, including compensation such as:

    • Financial compensation in the form of back pay,
    • Compensation in the workplace itself, such as reinstatement after wrongful termination or promotion after being wrongfully passed over based on discrimination,
    • Compensation for the emotional suffering that the discrimination caused,
    • Legal fees and court costs,
    • The cost of searching for a new job if you were forced to find new employment because of the discrimination.

    Schedule a Free Initial Consultation to Discuss Your Employment Discrimination Claim with Our Skilled Medford Employment Lawyers Today

    Many victims of employment discrimination fail to stand up to their employers’ discriminatory actions because of the perception that it may be difficult to challenge the employer and the deep pockets of a large corporation.  This is simply not the case. At Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, we have both the skills and the resources necessary to challenge even large corporate employers where employment discrimination has caused you harm. Call or contact our employment discrimination lawyers so that we can explain your rights and discuss options for proceeding with your claim today.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Employment Discrimination Claims in Cherry Hill, NJ

    FAQ: How long do I have to decide whether to bring a suit for employment discrimination under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination?  

    Two years.  Until recently, many employers attempted to circumvent this two-year limitations period by including shorter limitations periods within employment agreements.  The New Jersey Supreme Court decided that employers are no longer permitted to do so, and, therefore, the two-year statute of limitations contained in the law applies.

    FAQ: Will I have to go to court to resolve my employment discrimination case?  

    Not always.  Many, if not most, employment discrimination cases are resolved via alternatives to the formal litigation process.  Our employment discrimination lawyers are skilled negotiators who are often able to resolve a case favorably without any need for trial.  Further, alternative dispute resolution processes, such as arbitration and mediation, are often preferable to the time and expense of litigation.  In some cases, the EEOC will dictate how a case should be resolved without the need for a trial. In any event, our lawyers are dedicated to obtaining the most favorable result possible to make up for the employment discrimination you have suffered.

    FAQ: What is the difference between filing an employment discrimination claim via the federal EEOC process and filing a claim under New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination?  

    Both federal and state law prohibits discrimination based upon membership in certain protected classes, but New Jersey law provides greater protections by expanding the list of protected classes to include things like HIV status, domestic partnership status, civil union status and genetic information.  The limitations periods for filing a claim under the New Jersey law is also much longer, at two years compared to 180 days.


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