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New Jersey Employee Defense Lawyers

New Jersey Employee Defense LawyersNew Jersey Employee Defense Lawyers

Employment Litigation Attorneys in Moorestown, NJ: Litigating for Fairness in the Workplace with a Commitment to Justice in Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, and Throughout South Jersey

Welcome to Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, where our dedication and expertise converge to serve the diverse legal needs of New Jersey businesses. As esteemed New Jersey Employee Defense Lawyers, we take pride in our deep-rooted commitment to the local community and our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional legal services. Our firm stands at the forefront of employment litigation defense, offering comprehensive support and guidance to employers across the Garden State.

In the dynamic landscape of employment law, businesses face various challenges that require not just legal expertise, but a partner who understands the nuances of New Jersey's legal environment. At Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, we specialize in defending businesses in employment litigation cases, ensuring that your interests are protected and your voice is heard. Our approach is not just about legal defense; it's about building a partnership with you to navigate the complexities of employment law in Moorestown and beyond.

As Employment Litigation Attorneys in Moorestown, NJ, our goal is to provide personalized legal solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. Whether you are dealing with employee disputes, navigating regulatory compliance, or seeking advice on preventative strategies, our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step. Trust in our expertise to safeguard your business interests and maintain a harmonious workplace environment.

Join us as we delve deeper into the world of employment litigation defense and discover how Attorneys Hartman, Chartered can be your ally in navigating these legal waters.

Our Services: Comprehensive Employment Litigation Defense in New Jersey

At Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, we specialize in providing a full spectrum of Employment Litigation Defense services to businesses throughout New Jersey. Our skilled team of New Jersey employee defense lawyers is adept at handling a wide range of employment-related legal issues, ensuring that your business is not only compliant with state laws but also prepared for any legal challenges that may arise.

Our goal is not just to defend your business in court but to empower you with the knowledge and tools to prevent employment disputes from arising. Our New Jersey Employee Defense Lawyers are committed to providing exceptional legal services tailored to the needs of your business. Whether you are seeking guidance on complex litigation or looking for proactive advice to safeguard your business, we are here to help. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of New Jersey employment law.

Understanding Employment Litigation in New Jersey

Navigating the intricate landscape of employment law in New Jersey can be a daunting task for any business. At Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, our team of New Jersey Employee Defense Lawyers is adept at guiding clients through the complexities of this ever-evolving legal field. This understanding is crucial for defending against litigation and preventing legal issues before they arise.

The Landscape of New Jersey Employment Law

  • New Jersey's employment laws are designed to protect both employees and employers, creating a balanced and fair workplace environment.
  • These laws cover a wide range of areas including but not limited to wage and hour laws, anti-discrimination statutes, and workplace safety regulations.
  • Staying informed and compliant with these laws is essential for any business operating in New Jersey to avoid potential legal disputes.

Common Types of Employment Disputes in New Jersey

  • Wage and Hour Claims: These include disputes over minimum wage, overtime pay, and other wage-related issues. New Jersey's laws in this area can be more stringent than federal regulations, demanding close attention from employers.
  • Discrimination and Harassment Claims: New Jersey has strong laws against discrimination and harassment in the workplace, covering a wide range of protected categories. Employers must be vigilant to prevent any form of discriminatory practice.
  • Wrongful Termination Allegations: Although New Jersey is an 'at-will' employment state, there are numerous exceptions to this rule. Claims of wrongful termination often arise from alleged violations of these exceptions.
  • Retaliation and Whistleblower Claims: Employers in New Jersey must be cautious about adverse actions against employees who engage in protected activities, such as reporting legal violations or participating in investigations.

Navigating Employment Litigation with Expertise

With a deep understanding of New Jersey's employment laws, Attorneys Hartman, Chartered stands ready to assist your business in navigating these challenging legal waters. Whether it’s responding to a claim or proactively managing your workplace policies to ensure compliance, our experienced team is equipped to provide the guidance and defense you need. We believe in not just addressing legal challenges but fostering an environment of compliance and respect within your business, safeguarding your interests, and maintaining a harmonious workplace.

Staying abreast of the latest legal developments is crucial for any business, and in New Jersey, where employment laws are frequently updated, it becomes even more vital. Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, with our team of knowledgeable New Jersey Employee Defense Lawyers, is dedicated to keeping you informed about significant changes in the legal landscape and their implications for your business.

Recent Changes in New Jersey Employment Law

  • Increased Minimum Wage: New Jersey has implemented a plan to gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour, significantly impacting payroll planning for businesses.
  • Expanded Anti-Discrimination Laws: Amendments to existing laws have broadened protections against discrimination, particularly in areas like gender expression and family responsibilities.
  • Enhanced Family Leave Policies: Recent legislation has expanded the scope of family leave, including increased time off and broader definitions of family members, affecting how businesses manage employee leaves.
  • Stricter Worker Misclassification Laws: New regulations have been introduced to address the misclassification of employees as independent contractors, a crucial area for businesses to ensure compliance.

Implications for Employers and Businesses

  • Compliance Challenges: These changes require businesses to revisit and potentially revise their employment policies and practices to ensure they are in line with the new laws.
  • Increased Liability Risks: With expanded employee rights and protections, the risk of litigation for non-compliance has increased. Employers need to be more vigilant than ever to avoid legal pitfalls.
  • Strategic Planning for Future Changes: Staying ahead of these legal updates is key. Businesses must not only adapt to current changes but also anticipate future amendments in employment law.

Our Role in Your Legal Journey

As your Employment Litigation Attorneys in Moorestown, NJ, Attorneys Hartman, Chartered is not only committed to defending your business in litigation but also to providing proactive guidance to navigate these legal changes. We understand the challenges and opportunities these updates bring and are ready to offer strategic advice to ensure your business not only complies with the law but thrives in its wake.

Why Choose Attorneys Hartman, Chartered for Your Employment Litigation Needs: Experience and Expertise in Moorestown, NJ

Selecting the right legal partner is crucial when facing employment litigation, and at Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, our Employment Litigation Attorneys in Moorestown, NJ, stand out for their exceptional experience and client-focused approach. With a longstanding presence in New Jersey, our firm boasts a track record of success that speaks to our deep understanding of both local labor laws and the unique challenges faced by businesses in the region. Our attorneys are not just skilled in the courtroom; they are also experts in navigating the intricacies of New Jersey's employment regulations, ensuring that our clients receive not only robust legal defense but also informed guidance on compliance and best practices.

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond legal representation. We build relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. This client-focused approach means we take the time to understand your business's specific needs, tailoring our legal strategies to align with your goals and values. Whether it’s offering personalized advice, crafting a defense strategy, or guiding you through the complexities of employment law, our team at Attorneys Hartman, Chartered is dedicated to ensuring your business’s interests are protected and your legal burdens are lightened. Choose us for a partnership that combines legal acumen with a deep commitment to your business success.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today: New Jersey Employee Defense Lawyers Ready to Assist

In the complex realm of employment litigation, timely action is often the key to favorable outcomes. As your dedicated New Jersey Employee Defense Lawyers, we at Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, understand the urgency and importance of addressing your legal concerns promptly and effectively. This is why we encourage you to take the first step towards safeguarding your business by scheduling a free consultation with us. Our easy-to-use contact form is your gateway to expert legal advice, offering a no-obligation opportunity to discuss your situation with experienced attorneys who are well-versed in New Jersey employment law.

By choosing to consult with us, you are not just seeking legal representation; you are gaining a partner who will stand with you through every legal challenge. Whether you are currently facing litigation or seeking proactive advice to prevent future disputes, our team is ready to provide the support and guidance you need. Take action today and let us show you how we can protect your business interests with skill, dedication, and a client-focused approach. Fill out our contact form now, and let's start the conversation that could make all the difference for your business.

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Meet Your Team

Katherine D. HartmanKatherine D. Hartman
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Michael C. MormandoMichael C. Mormando
Michael C. MormandoMichael C. Mormando

Katherine D. Hartman, Esquire

Katherine D. Hartman is the Managing Partner in the Moorestown, New Jersey law office of Attorneys Hartman, Chartered, which has been named one of America’s Best Law Firms by U.S. News and World Report. She concentrates her practice in employment discrimination, criminal defense, police disciplinary matters, and other employment law issues. Katie has been practicing law for over thirty years. She was admitted to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Bars in 1991, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in November of 1993, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in November of 2002, and the Supreme Court of the United States in October of 2002.

Katie has been awarded the highest (AV) rating for professional ability and high ethical standards, by Martindale Hubbell. Additionally, Katie has consistently been voted a Super Lawyer by New Jersey Magazine. Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The selection process is multi-phased and includes independent research, peer nominations, and peer evaluations. She was named one of the Top Forty Lawyers under Forty by the New Jersey Law Journal in 2002.

Michael C. Mormando, Esquire

Michael C. Mormando has been practicing law for over twenty years, and is a Partner at Attorneys Hartman, Chartered. Mike is an active member in the Burlington County Bar Association, he is a former Chair of the Bar Associations’ Criminal Practice Committee, and he formerly served as a member of the Supreme Court of New Jersey District Ethics Committee for Burlington County, District III-B. Mike also served two years as Councilman for Ward 3 in Delran Township, having been elected to the post in the November 2018 general election, and he currently serves as the Chair of the Delran Township Zoning Board.

Mike’s areas of practice include criminal defense, DUI defense, traffic violation defense, employment law, discrimination and whistleblower cases, unemployment compensation appeals, labor representation for collective bargaining units, employment contract review and negotiations, and defense in police disciplinary matters. Mike is approved by the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) as a lawyer who can represent law enforcement officers who face disciplinary or criminal charges. Mike also represents small business owners concerning employment issues.