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Thanksgiving is a Terrible Time for a DUI

Many people’s Thanksgiving day celebrations include turkey and a few alcoholic drinks. The traditions of drinking on Thanksgiving actually begin the day before Thanksgiving, which is the biggest bar night of the year. Before you head out to celebrate, consider a few reasons why a DUI can ruin your plans.

Thanksgiving Weekend DUI Statistics

The week of the Thanksgiving holiday not only has an increase in the occurrence of DUIs, but also injuries related to auto accidents that involve drinking. The highest rate of DUIs occurs from the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s weekend. Black Wednesday, which is the night before Thanksgiving, is the highest rate of DUIs. Beer sales on this night double, and with an increase in traffic on the road, it’s can be a dangerous mix.

Why You May Want to Reconsider Alcohol

There are many reasons why you may want to reconsider your Thanksgiving weekend plans, including:

You Could Be Met With Strict Consequences

The consequences of a DUI in New Jersey can be strict. A first-time conviction can lead to jail time, a loss of driving privileges, and expensive fines. If you have priors, you can expect even more severe consequences.

You May Injure Someone

Alcohol reduces your reaction time. This increases the chances that you may cause an accident. Auto accidents that involve alcohol tend to lead to more injuries. Not only would you have to deal with the guilt that comes with injuring someone, but you could also be responsible for their medical costs too.

A DUI Can Follow You Throughout Life

Even once you have dealt with the DUI in court, the charges can continue to follow you throughout life. You may be required to install an ignition interlock device into your vehicle. Your insurance rates are likely to increase and may stay that way for a few years. A DUI can even affect your employment opportunities.

You May Miss All Your Holiday Celebrations

If you’re arrested for a DUI, you may have to wait until the following Monday to see a judge for your arraignment. The courthouses are usually closed for the holidays, which means if you’re arrested on Wednesday night, you may miss all of your holiday celebrations and plans while you wait to visit with the judge.

Avoid a DUI This Thanksgiving

Taking steps to avoid a DUI doesn’t mean that you have to skip your Thanksgiving day celebration. Here are a few tips to help you avoid a DUI this year:

  • Consider alternative transportation: Choose a designated driver or rely on rideshare apps to get around if you plan on drinking.
  • Know your limit: Know your drinking limit, and avoid driving if you go over that limit. Keep in mind that how much you eat, or whether you’re taking any medications, can also affect your BAC level.
  • Consider walking: If you live near bars or clubs, you may be able to walk to your celebrations and avoid getting behind the wheel altogether.
  • Stay home: You can host your family and friends over for a safe and responsible celebration. Encourage anyone drinking to avoid driving.

With these tips, you can have a fun Thanksgiving without the potential consequences. Don’t let a mistake ruin the rest of your life.

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